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Alexander Dolls
Champs Elysee 2017
Mystery Doll Series

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Steiff Bears

Steiff 1st Fairytale

Little Red Riding Hood
and Big Bad Wolf
2017 Spring Collection

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Effanbee Tonner

Effanbee Patsy Doll
Dainty Dress-up Patsy
Tonner Doll Company

Limited Edition of 500

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Hermann Bears

Hermann Coburg, Germany
The Bear Collector
Limited Edition of 10

Handmade in Germany

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Erika Catellani

Doll Artist Erika Catellani
Swiss Wood Dolls

Maple Wood Creations

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Merrythought Bears

Merrythought of England
Mohair Teddy Bears

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Helen Kish

Doll Artist Helen Kish
Paige Silver Lace
Zoe Mulberry Plaid

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Winnie The Pooh

The 50th Anniversary
Contemporary Pooh

Walt Disney Collectible

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